Music Videos

1st Package – The Performance – £400.

Include’s us travelling to their location (one location) and filming band performing to one track. Travel expenses will be incurred if location is further than 20 miles of Swansea.

Package Includes:

Filming, editing, colour grading, titles (if desired), HD media file and a final say on the edit.

2nd Package – The Performance with Narrative or Extra scenes – £500+*

Includes all of the above plus narrative or extra scenes to be filmed on separate day and allows you tell the story of your song visually: a more complete music video!

Equipment and crew costs are included for both packages.

*Price then increases if paid actors are required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss which package would be best for you!

Here is a Music Video we produced for the band The Adelines.

“Lovely friendly people with a creative eye, a genuine love for what they do and an insane work ethic!”  Ray Thomas, member of The Adelines

Here is a few other videos we have made for various bands and solo artists!