Haunted by her childhood trauma, Ferrall hid memories of that terrifying Wolfwood night and her father’s death even from herself. Now she has discovered a pattern of evil stalking Wolfwood, and to face her guilt she will take her revenge.


When Chrystal (Georgia Theodoulou) is brought back from the dead at the Cryogenia Institute, the future is far from what she expected. But when she meets the Institute’s surprising latest arrival, she realises how deeply distant she is from the life she knew.

The Enemy

Romeo and Juliet are alive. For eighteen years and nine months, less a day, the star-crossed lovers lived in exile far from Verona.

Now their hiding place is known, and the epic warring families are out for blood. The safe life Romeo and Juliet have built belongs to the past, and the greatest love story ever told is about to be reborn.


Many years after the end of the world, the zombies are starving. A small group of human survivors struggle to keep themselves safe. Newcomer Tyler has all the answers but conflicts arise within the group. When they are suddenly faced with a new enemy, to survive they will have to work together.